Our history

Since the establishment in 1993 the company HORS' has become one of the leading players in the premium coffee market and has acquired a reputation as a supplier of the highest quality products. Passion for coffee and unsurpassed loyalty to quality became the foundation of activity of the company.

Positive feedback from experts and awards in the field of the coffee industry are the evidence of the success of our work. Coffee House HORS' products have repeatedly won international competitions and received the title of “Best Product”.

The establishment of the company

In 1993, the culture of coffee consumption in Russia was just beginning to emerge. The domestic market lacks high-quality coffee products: therefore, the company HORS' acquires exclusive rights to import and distribute products of the famous German coffee brand GRANDOS.

Formation of key areas of the company

Since 1995, the sale of high-quality coffee products has become the main activity of a dynamically developing company, and the passion for coffee culture is moving to a more professional level.

Registration the first trademark Coffee House HORS'

In the early 2000s, in a country that had recently gone through a crisis, there was an increase in consumer demand for products in the economy segment, and an affordable price, correlated with product quality, became a decisive competitive advantage during this period.

The company HORS' develops and introduces to the Russian market its own brand of economy segment coffee — "МОСКОФЕ"(MOSCAFE). Production is located at the facilities of partners in India, one of which is the largest coffee concern TATA Group. It is still our strategically important Indian partner today.

The main competitive advantage of "МОСКОФЕ" brand is the affordable price and decent quality of products, since for the first time a coffee blend in the economy segment consists of 30% Arabica beans. The "МОСКОФЕ" line was gradually expanding, and the brand's popularity goes beyond the Russian market.

Development of the premium price segment: brand BUSHIDO

In 2007, there was a tendency of growth in consumer demand for premium products in the country. Then the company gets the idea of ​​developing new brands — the BUSHIDO coffee brand appears on the Russian market.

Development of the middle price segment: brand TODAY

In 2008, HORS' launched a mid-price brand TODAY with production in Germany. In the manufacture of products of this brand, the AROMA OPTIMA® technology was used for the first time. It makes possible to achieve the flavour and aroma of sublimated coffee identical to natural.

Implementation of In-Fi Technology

In 2009, the innovative In-Fi® technology was invented and patented: it allows the production of instant freeze-dried coffee with a content of natural roasted ground coffee evenly distributed inside each crystal.

The company introduces to the Russian market a unique product EGOISTE Special, produced in Switzerland, with a 20% content of natural ground coffee in the composition of instant freeze-dried coffee.

2010 - 2012
Expansion of the assortment of premium brands EGOISTE and BUSHIDO

Coffee House HORS' is becoming one of the leaders in the premium segment coffee market: the assortment lines of the EGOISTE and BUSHIDO brands are expanding constantly. At the same time, there is a growing interest in ground coffee and coffee beans in Russia: the spread of coffee machines and the development of the Russian coffee market contributes to this. The company has a new task — to supply high-quality ground coffee and coffee beans.

The emergence of "non-coffee" brands

In 2012, two new brands appear:

  • The German brand ELZA, which has long become a symbol of delicious and healthy products. The brand's drinks are free of dyes or preservatives, the flavoring are exclusively naturals.
  • The TIBET'S HERBS brand is the embodiment of the philosophy of Tibetan monks. TIBET'S HERBS products are manufactured using a unique vacuum technology for drying herbs and plants VOYA GREEN LINE®, which protects them from oxidation and preserves their beneficial properties to the maximum.
Popularization of In-Fi technology in other price segments

In-Fi Technology has become widely known due to the brand EGOISTE. Therefore, in 2013, new products appeared on the Russian market in the category of “ground coffee in instant coffee” — TODAY In-Fi in the middle price segment and МОСКОФЕ GOLD in the economy price segment.

2014 - 2017
Development of the coffee beans market

The demand for coffee beans continues to grow. Coffee House HORS' launches new products in different price segments: EGOISTE Noir appears in the premium, and TODAY Blend №8 appears in the middle price segment.

Launch of EGOISTE Velvet from Specialty Arabica

In 2018, the EGOISTE line is replenished with a new product EGOISTE Velvet, made from 100% Specialty Arabica.

Specialty coffee is a high-quality coffee product category. Beans of the Specialty category make the flavour of coffee clean and soft.

Renewal of the range of coffee beans and ground coffee BUSHIDO

In an effort to make coffee of the level of modern specialty coffee houses available even in the most remote corners of the country, the company launches three new products at once: BUSHIDO Red Katana, BUSHIDO Sensei and BUSHIDO Specialty.

Creating a sparkling coffee drink EGOISTE Nitro

2020 was marked by the appearance of a product in a completely new category for the company Ready-to-Drink — EGOISTE Nitro Sparkling Coffee. The original sparkling coffee drink with cane sugar, made in Italy, is the perfect choice for those who are always on the move.

Let’s write out history together!